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Skullcap (Scutellaria Lateriflora) Skullcap was traditionally used for hysteria, nervious tension, chorea, epilepsy and other nervous disorders. It , is a natural way to relax, ease your nerves and get a restful sleep. It helps to relieve “women’s complaints,” such as premenstrual syndrome and monthly cramps. Skullcap is also considered to be very useful for alleviating the difficulties of alcohol, barbiturate and drug withdrawals. Used to treat nervous disorders of all kinds, it can calm the nerves, quiet and strengthen the nervous system, and it is a valuable remedy for controlling nervous irritation, excitability, restlessness, hysteria, anxiety, hyperactivity, fatigue, insomnia, night terrors and nervous headaches. Scullcap, an anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, it can remedy the pain by reducing inflammation, as opposed to opiates, which affect the brain. Scutellaria lateriflora is a powerful antioxidant that appears to protect red blood cells from free radical damage more effectively than vitamin E, and it also shows some promise in preventing the oxidation of blood fats. It is said that it strengthens the heart muscle, improves circulation and may be helpful for treating cardiovascular disease.

Usage: 6-12 drops up to 3 times daily
Contraindications: Pregnant and nursing women should not use Scullcap. Large doses (many times the recommended amount) may cause giddiness, confusion, twitching, and stupor, but the herb works well when taken consistently over a period of time (several weeks). Skull Cap should not be given to children. Those with liver problems should avoid Skull Cap. Taking Skull Cap and blood thinners together may further decrease blood clotting, possibly leading to easy bruising and bleeding. Because of Skull Cap’s sedative qualities, taking it with medicines used for sleep or anxiety may cause extreme drowsiness affecting your ability to operate heavy equipment or drive a car safely.
(Resource: PDR of Herbal Medicine 1st Edition and/or New Way Herbs)

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