Facial and Face Treatments

Herbal Face Cleanse

Purify, soothe and balance the look of problematic skin with our herbal face cleanse. This deep cleanse with prevents and eliminates the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and skin congestion while leaving the skin calm and refreshed. This facial cleanse is extremely relaxing, beneficial to the skin, and is one of the simplest ways to deep-clean the skin – eliminating toxins, opening pores, increasing blood circulation (bringing oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin, brightening your complexion), softening and plumping wrinkles and hydrating the skin, at the deepest layers while calming your skin with herbal aromas.

Detox Herbal Face Cleanse

Everyday life is tough on our skin, our detox facial cleanse combines powerful botanicals that combat these aggressors on multiple levels while detoxing your completion, enhancing your skins clarity, restoring moisture, and soothing the delicate eye area.  Rescue your congested and lack-luster skin while defending it from pore clogging impurities. Our Detox Facial encourages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture. The ideal facial for problematic skin conditions.


InstaLift: Lift and Smooth Facial (Vacuu Lift Non-Surgical Face Lift)

This gentle, but effective treatment makes skin look and feel youthful and radiant by using a light suction technique, as an all-natural alternative to a surgical facelift or laser and chemical treatments. It tones your facial muscles and reduces under eye puffiness by boosting skins circulation. Skin feels more plump and more luminous afterward due to improved oxygenated cells, removal of bacteria and debris, and the boost in circulation beneath the skin, combined with a blast of hydration to the surface, will help you look refreshed.



InstaLift and Detox Cleanse

If you’re looking for a two-in-one, facial-meets-meditation experience, the InstaLift Detox Facial is perfect for you. The result is a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, restored youthful glow, immediate re-hydration of skin, visible firming, contouring, and lifting and tightening of sagging jowls. It is a pain-free, discomfort-free treatment that requires no downtime and has proven results.


Face Sculpting | Face Contouring

A well-defined and shaped jawline beautifully frames facial features. Unfortunately, exercise alone is not always enough to improve the shape and contours of facial features. Facial contouring (also known as facial sculpting) is the reshaping of facial contours through the transfer of fatty deposits under the skin targeting common facial concerns such as lack of volume in the cheeks, a double chin, and sagging jaw lines. Through facial contouring in Huntsville AL, you can turn back the clock on your appearance, rejuvenate the look of your neck, chest, cheeks, jaw, and chin, and achieve a perfectly angled facial structure. By using a combination of non-surgical, non-invasive treatment methods, Salt On The Rocks is able to slim the face, improve the cheeks, tighten the chin, and define the jawline to achieve a more V-shaped facial contour. Get the upper hand over nature, and achieve that ideal Vshaped face with this pain free injection free surgery free procedure.  

Double Chin Reduction

While most people focus on slimming down their bodies, others desire a slimmer face. As the aging process progresses, many men and women experience an unsightly accumulation of fat on the chin and neck area, contributing to the appearance of a double chin. Now there is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for reducing double-chins and contouring the jawline. At SOR we specialize in the non-surgical non-invasive removal of that stubborn excess volume, restoring a smooth and youthful jawline that enhances your natural features.

Body Sculpting

This truly non-invasive and non-sugical procedure uses red light therapy to penetrate the skin, targeting the subcutaneous fat cells. Tiny pores of the cell open up, releasing fatty acids into the interstitial fluid which is then disposed of by the lymphatic system. This process over time decreases the size of the fat cell, decreasing inches symmetrically in the treated area. This treatment also tightens and tones skin and may help with the reduction of stretch marks. This process is pain free and requires no downtime. Try it before you buy it with our $99.00 trial offer. Areas that can be treated: Arms, Legs, Abdomen, Back, and Buttocks.


Natural Body Contouring

Natural body contouring strives for the same effect of fat reduction and body contouring as other invasive procedures such as liposuction or non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting. However it does so with absolutely no side effects. For example, despite being non-invasive, CoolSculpting can create bruising serious pain, and even permanent damage to tissues in the treated areas after treatment. Our natural body contouring procedure offers dramatic changes in your contour without any bruising, pain or recovery time.


Body Contouring: Loose and Lift Package
This treatment combines our non-invasive laser lipo with our non-sugical InstaLift therapy to help you to achieve a lifting effect, tighten excess skin, smooth cellulite, and loose inches in less than an hour. This no-pain, no bruising, no needles approach reshapes and lifts the body, giving it a more evenly-proportioned shape, natural lift and reduces excess fat cell size. This treatment combines multiple therapies to achieve the results you want with absolutely no downtime or pain! This 8 session package will have you on your way to bikini ready in no time!


Cellulite Reduction

Vacuum therapy is one of the most effective treatments to reduce cellulite in problem areas. This innovative pain-free therapy stimulates the muscles, breaking down the fat deposits that produce cellulite, at the same time it removes the toxins from your body and improves your skin elasticity using a lymphatic drainage technique. This therapy restores the skin elasticity and tightens problem areas reducing the dimpled and lumpy appearance of cellulite while softening the appearance of the skin.


Fat Transfer

Now you can enhance your body’s contours using your own natural fat instead of implants or injections. This treatment allows for quality fat to be safely transferred from one part of the body such as abdomen or thighs to naturally enhance buttocks, breasts or aging hands. This procedure is minimally invasive and require no needles, stitches or general anesthesia.


InstaLift ButtLift

This combination procedure carefully removes fat from a large area of the body such as the tummy/waist, then transfers to your buttocks. This simultaneously sculpts a flatter stomach and smaller waist while contouring a shapelier butt—all in one procedure. There’s no silicone, fillers or other foreign material implanted during this treatment.


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