Body Transformation

Inch Loss with Strawberry Laser Lipo

A multi-therapy approach to holistic weight loss and body transformation.

Loss weight and reshape the HOLISTIC WAY! This is a non invasive – no surgery – no downtime – no pain – no drugs approach to body transformation! FDA Approved and clinically proven.

Want to see if it works for you?

Salt on the Rocks Holistic Wellness Spa & Remedies is offering the Trial Session for only $99. You will see results immediately!

$99 Trial Session Includes

1 – Therapy

1- Vibration Session

Before & After measurements

Initial consult

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We are proud to bring you Vacuu Lift!

Herbal Face Cleanse

Detox Herbal Face Cleanse

InstaLift: Lift and Smooth Facial

InstaLift and Detox Cleanse

Face Sculpting/Face Contouring

Double Chin Reduction

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Holistic Body Sculpting

Vacuu Lift Body Sculpting

If used regularly, helps to regain the shape of the body contour, reduces cellulite, tones, strengthens the skin, lifts the buttocks and reduces localized fat.  

Body Sculpting

Natural Body Contouring

Body Contouring: Loose and Lift Package

Cellulity Reduction

Fat Transfer

InstaLift ButtLift

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Come On In

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