It’s a New Year, a New Decade, how about a New YOU? Not a resolution.

It’s a new year, a new decade, how about a new you?  I hate the word goal.  It feels corporate, judged, negative really.  The word resolution comes to mind here, but I also don’t care for that word either.  Its intimidating.  I have been leaning on a term that seems to fit what I actually FEEL.  Intended Target!  Its aggressive, moody, fluid, and has a Jason Bourne vibe to it.  He is a total badass, which I identify with!  I too, am a total badass!  (my own inner self description)  

What is your Intended Target?  Weight loss? Exercise? Financial behavior changes? Whatever your target may be, is there INTENT behind getting to it?  Quit making lists of what you want to achieve.  Quit looking at someone else’s Intended Target to create your own.  Quit starting at the new year.  Quit putting it off until Monday.  It’s hard enough to focus on one thing, much less a list or someone else’s.  PICK ONE. One target at a time.  Just ONE!  Make sure whatever your target may be that it will engage Mind, Body and Spirit.  If it does, then your target has true intent.  

What the hell am I talking about?  Changing perspective on how to get what you want and the steps to get there.  Create tunnel vision on this ONE Intended Target and create a plan of action to hit, capture, destroy and win the target.  I mean really create a detailed plan of action.  Not just a fleeting list of things “to do”.  This is why you only need ONE to start.  When you hit this target, you can create another later.  But not now.  JUST ONE! 

Let’s do one for fun as an example.  Weight Loss.  Everyone has some trick, program, kit or plan they want you to dig into and “pay to play”  Many of these work very well, but NOT if you haven’t created your Intended Target and the plan of action to hit it!  Guess what, so many of our targets can be achieved without a dime spent.    

Let’s see what this ONE Intended Target might look like if we drill it down.  

Lose 10 Lbs. by March 30th  (I love these, because it’s easy to start but harder to continue)

  1. Create a detailed list of exactly what you put IN your body every day.  Yep the ugly truth… just be honest, no BS here.  For example, I am a sucker for a coke and snickers at least once a week.  My bestie will tell you that I use to have to have a Big Mack monthly.  But that’s for a different story.  Just write it down, on a scrape piece of paper, journal, your notes app, I don’t care, just get a visual.  Every single thing. 
  2. Create a detailed list of what activities you do that you consider “exercise”.  If you are a regular at the gym, great.  If you are NOT but bought a membership and haven’t actually been yet, DON’T lie to yourself.  For example, I hate the gym, but have a membership I have NEVER used.  Seriously.  BUT I do clean the house like a mad woman.  When I walk from point A to point B it is not leisurely.  It’s with intention.  I create a means to get my 10,000 steps in every day.  I do toe raises while cooking.  Get what I am saying?  No BS here, what are you doing every day that gets you moving?  

Guess what? You haven’t spent any money yet and have already created your plan of action to demolish that Intended Target.  From your first list (#1) put a star next to the things you can easily, without question, identify as NOT helping you crush the target.  This should be very simple, not something you even question as “that might be hard or tricky”  My easy one is soda.  

Now, of those with the star, what can you EASILY replace it with an alternative that is better for you.  See where I am going? Still haven’t spent any money

Keep Going

  • Continuing with the first list, put a question mark next to the things you identify as not helping you reach the Intended Target, but may be a bit more difficult for you to jump into at the moment.  Mine is chocolate.  
  • Keep going down the list with whatever symbols you love until you have everything identified and categorized.  Do the same for your second list (movement).  Each time creating an idea for replacing or upgrading. 
  •  You are well on your way to building your plan of action to destroy the target.  But here’s the thing, DON’T do it all at one time.  Give each “symbol” a deadline.  For me, ditching soda and replacing it with water took me about 3 weeks.  Some days I only had 1 soda and 4 waters, some no soda and a ton of water.  Eventually it stuck and now I typically only have a soda every few months (not counting cocktails).  Once I felt like I had a handle on that “symbol” I moved to the next one.  It may take you 3 weeks or 3 hours, but either way, give yourself the high five when you feel like you’re ready to tackle the next one and DO IT.  If you can easily tackle more than one symbol, go for it.  This should not be the hard part of this plan of action. 
  • You can combine the focus of each list together if you wish.  When I was exchanging soda for water, I was also creating opportunities to move.  Instead of strolling thru FB sitting on the couch, I now scroll while I walk in circles in the living room.  YEP I really do this!  Get what I am saying?  SMALL, SIMPLE adjustments lead to bigger and bigger ones.  I actually saw an article or something about free train tickets (in Europe) if  you do 30 squats.  It was a machine that counted your squats then spit out your ticket.  Create your own.  Do 15 squats as you brush your teeth.  Get me?

Finish It Up

Now that you have an idea of what I mean when I say Intended Target, you can dive deeper into your own. DO NOT create a list of Intended Targets.  Just do ONE.  When you have hit this one, create another.  Of course, you can create different types within different areas of your life, but damn that’s a ton of work right off the bat.  Multi-tasking has its benefits but can also create deistractions from your Intended Target.  Simplicity is often the best road to success.  

If you just can’t help yourself because you have to have a list of “to dos” then just write the end target down, starting with your #1.  Work on the #1 as described above before doing anything with the others.  

I invite you to reach out to my girl Jessa at if you are on the weight loss journey and need more tips, tricks or motivation.  She is a wealth of knowledge and fun ideas to keep you going.  

Now, find your inner Jason Bourne, Oliver Queen, Tony Starke, Xena or Wonder Women and ROCK IT!

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