All you have to do is look at the back of any typical sunscreen bottle to see all the chemicals and synthetic garbage that is in OTC sunscreens.  BUT what do you do?  FINALLY, the FDA has started to notice.  In February of this year, it was proposed that of 16 of the currenlty marketed active ingredients in sunscreens only two were considered generally regarded as safe (GRAS).  They are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  Two of those 16 ingridents, PABA and trolamine saliylate are not GRAS, but can still be found in your sunscreen.  The other ingredients? There is not any sufficent data to make a postivie or negative determination to their safety.

I grew up in Florida, where sunscreen was optional… Well in the 80’s anyway.  To this day, I am still skeptical, but there is also enough data to show that the rise in skin cancers correlating to UV exposure is alive and thriving.  Is it the sun? Is it the ingredients in the sunscreen?  I don’t know.  What I do know is I can achive protection in my own recipe without the other 12 ingredients that we have no idea how our bodies are reacting.  Are they hormone disruptors, like so many synthetic chemical laden products. What is this doing to our endocrine system?  I don’t know. I do know I would prefer to accomplish the same results without the “what if’s”.

You can find a number of sunscreen recipes online. I did.  Mine is a mix of coconut oil and zinc oxide.  Coconut oil already has an SPF of about 4 and depending on how much zinc oxide you use, you can get your blend up to around 25SPF.  Any more than that, what are you really doing?  I will say, that you cannot just slap this blend on the day before your 4th of July party and expect results.  You actually have to start using it a few weeks before the summer sun shines.  I suspect this is all in the name of gently exposing your skin to the sun in a more natural, slower process.

We are an indoor society now, so when the winter is upon us, we tend to hibernate.  When the summer sun returns, we think we can just jump right in.  50-75 years ago, there was no hibernation, we literally worked outside all year long.  Thus, allowing us to constantly be exposed a little every single day.  Of course, I have no real science to back this assumption.  I just know that there is something different now.  Either way, my stance is, what exactly are these chemicals doing to our bodies?  Verses, what is the sun doing to our bodies?  We know the answer to the second question, we don’t know the answer to the first one.

So what happens if you fail to put the sunscreen on?  Regardless of which you choose?  Every family has their go to recipe.  Aloe is always a good choice, but many of the Aloe options available on the market have fillers and synthetics.  I have a few tried and true tricks.

1. Fill 8 oz bottle with witchhazel, distilled water and several drops of pure lavender essential oil.  Spray on affected areas and let dry.  Works well on those too much sun days, but not my first go to for the OMG, I AM FRIED.

2. For the OMG, I AM FRIED, a good friend shared her recipe that worked wonders on her red headed, blue eyed porcelain white skin daughter.  She burned so badly she blistered and was purple.  Fill 1-Gallon jug with 4-6 black tea bags, let sit for 15 mins.  Fill the tub with luke warm water, 1-cup milled organic oatmeal, 1/2 Cup slipper elm (powder or root) then pour in the gallon of black tea.  I suggest doing this a few times a day for the first 2-3 days.  IT IS AMAZING and works!  You could also follow this bath soak with the above lavendar spray.

3. If you have access to REAL aloe, go for it.  Add Vitamin E oil and Coconut oil to make a rub.  I like to throw in lavendar oil as well on this.

I LOVE the sun and LOVE my wrinkles it causes, but do want to protect my skin, the largest organ in our bodies, from any adverse effects, including over-exposure or chemicals.

Hoping you have a wonderful 4th and let us know which recipe works best for you!

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