Even though it can start as early as January, it often goes through mid-May and beyond.  Pollen from trees, grasses, flowering plants and more can wreck your week!  April showers brings May flowers.  So what are they and how do we head off the symptoms?

Flowers and herbs like Chamomile, Goldenrod have pollens that we all hate! They are beneficial to our ecosystem so we need to keep them healthy, but for your nose it can be the end of a good weekend.

Shrubs and vines like Juniper, Cypress, Elm, Poplar and Willow can also be the enemy!  Let’s not for get the common term for many, Ragweed, a member of the Asteraceae family.  This includes daisies, Yarrow and Dandelion.

What do we do with all this beauty?

Many of these plants and herbs listed have medicinal value so we can’t discount their importance.  Yarrow for example, sometimes known as Bloodwort, Devil’s Nettle and Soldier’s Woundwort, is a long time favorite of herbalists.  It is anti-bacterial, astringent and antispasmodic.  Internally Yarrow is used for loss of appetite and mild discomforts associated with gastrointestinal tract issues.  Topically (my favorite) should be part of any herbal first aid kit.  The dried powder leaf can be applied to cuts and wounds to disinfect and stop bleeding.  Even a pinch can be used in the nose to stop a nosebleed. 

Dandelion has long been a flower (most consider a weed in their yards), but did you know it is both food and medicine?  The roots can be used in soups and casseroles.  The leaves for a tea or in salads.  The root is a wonderful digestive aid.  Stimulates the liver to help with bile and cleaning the hepatic system.  It is considered one of the safest and most effective diuretic.  The leaves are high in calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A and C. 

However, all of these great benefits do not solve the allergy epidemic!  Knowing their medicinal value does not help you breathe better or get rid of the runny nose and watery eyes!

Enter Salt Therapy!  Dating back to the 1800’s, salt therapy has long been a form of allergy relief.  Think about it, you go to the beach and suddenly you don’t have allergy issues.  Move to beach, right?  Not a reasonable solution for most people.  Although, I could move to the Caribbean and sell ice cream and be perfectly happy I think! 

I digress.

Modern salt rooms or salt caves provide a therapy called Halotherapy.  This uses pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (salt, not table salt) pulverized into micro sized particles and blown into a room.  The small particles enter your respiratory system when you breathe.  Because they are dry, they will absorb allergens, pollutants and toxins that we breath daily.  You know, like those pollens that are wreaking havoc on your sinuses right now. 

These particles are absorbed by the salt and your normal metabolic process eliminates them from your body.  You know…. You pee it out!  For those who have serious chest congestion the salt can help break up the mucous, thus making it more fluid to cough up.  AMAZING. There are clinical studies that suggest Halotherapy is beneficial for any respiratory aliment, including asthma, COPD, sinus infections and more. 

Safe, effective, non-pharmaceutical options to combating allergies! 

At Salt on the Rocks, we bring the Caribbean BEACH to Huntsville.  You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy while you experience the Caribbean feel of Salt Room. 

Our salt sessions are 1-hour and are $30 per session.  We offer multiple package sessions and memberships.  One salt session does wonders, but many can reduce or prevent your misery all together!

Please visit us at Salt on the Rocks website, YouTube, Facebook or Instagramto learn even more benefits of salt therapy!

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