Going into the New Year many take time to consider what they want the next year to be like – usually losing weight, getting in shape, finding a love interest are at the top of the list. How about being mindful and living in the moment? 

My approach to today’s post is going to shift focus a bit so we can talk about something that I think is incredibly important, something that in my opinion we as a whole are starting to take for granted.


Mindfulness doesn’t just mean remembering to look both ways before you cross the street or buying your Great Aunt Susan that Christmas card because you feel like HAVE to. Being mindful is about taking the time to put others before yourself and celebrating the things in life that mean the most to you.

I think this topic fits beautifully as we come closer to Christmas and the end of this year. Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones as the year draws to a close, and I can think of no better New Years resolution than this…..Be mindful.

Little things that while seem unimportant, can affect people in so many positive ways. As Huntsville grows and thrives we must maintain our sense of community, and give support when it’s needed. Let’s face it, we DO have the best community in the Nation! IMO

Salt on the Rocks, while a business, is a truly community based environment, where we strive to have our patrons feeling appreciated, catered to, and satisfied.

We pour our love and positivity into our craft and are grateful for each of the individuals who help us to grow.

As we head into this New Year, remember to put time aside to focus on your own mental and physical health. Change up your routine a bit, even if it’s something simple like trying a new healthy snack, or walking to the convenient store down the street instead of driving.


Your health is important, no matter how busy you are. So be mindful! You are important and loved, so take care of yourself :). As always have an amazing week and we hope to see you soon! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 Love Salt on the Rocks