What some people call “pampering” can also be called self-care. It’s not a “perk” but a necessity! So many people work too hard, stress too much, feel pulled in a million directions – then take NO time for themselves and end up SICK. 

There comes a time when you have to realize that enough is enough and take time for yourself – but don’t just wait until your “sick and tired”. Taking care of yourself means scheduling time for YOU – if that means having a massage, taking a yoga class, or just meditating – you should schedule self-care time daily.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming either.  

My self-care routine usually starts with a daily skin care regimen. It’s important to take care of your skin by washing and moisturizing daily. Herbs like Rose, Calendula, and Lavender are great for keeping your skin glowing and healthy. They can be mixed in with your daily moisturizer or face wash to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the day to come.

If you’re yearning for a little me time, pour a nice glass of red wine (one glass is proven to be heart healthy ?), and sprinkle some of these beautiful petals into your bath water for a relaxing bubble bath. A favorite bath salt and a great book always works! 

It’s also important to drink lots of water throughout the day. Drinking water will keep your skin and hair glowing and healthy, as well as help maintain your physical health. It’s generally recommended to drink half you body weight in water. So if you are 100 pounds you should drink 50 oz of water daily.  

If you’re a busy bee who zips around all day long, it’s also important to make sure you’re eating enough food so you have the energy to go go go! Small healthy snacks spread out throughout the day in between meals are essential to keep up a steady flow of energy so you won’t crash in the middle of the day.  No Pringles are not healthy… that snickers bar is not either. 

Still feeling like you need a little pep in your step? Stop by Salt on the Rocks and pick up a Zeal!

A healthier option over your energy drink or coffee, Zeal tastes great and gives you that extra kick you need to keep on truckin, without the unhealthy ingredients and caffeine crash.  

If you’re looking to take that extra step for your day of pampering and relaxation, Salt on the Rocks has so many options available to choose from. Whether it’s a massage, a salt session, or even both! We strive to have you leaving here feeling like your best self. 

We also offer Reiki if you’re truly desperate for some

uplifting positive energy. Our Reiki Practitioner, Nathan truly has your best interests at heart and puts his whole heart into making you feel uplifted and replenished. As always we here at Salt on the Rocks are more than happy to sit down and chat with you about all the different ways you can take time out of your day for a little pampering. Even if that’s just a hot cup of tea and some quiet time in our Tasting Room! Have a super awesome Monday and stay warm! 

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