For some of us the Holidays are a joyous time filled with colorful memories and family fun, however this is not the case for everyone. Sadness or depression at holiday time can be a reaction to the stresses and demands of the season. In other cases, people may feel depressed around the winter holidays due to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sometimes referred to as seasonal depression. Here are some holistic tips to get you through! 

If you’re a dedicated essential oiler, or even just a beginner, you understand the importance of using oils to not only keep you and your household healthy and thriving, but to also utilize them when you’re in need of a mood boost. Diffusing essential oils such as Lavender, Abundance, Joy, or Tangerine will make your house smell super sweet while giving everyone an extra pep in their step.

If you’re feeling a little anxious, try diffusing some Frankincense, or even come in and snag one of our awesome Sane X roll-ons, a perfect on the go choice for easing stress and anxiety. This blend is sure to have you calm in no time.   

St. John’s Wort is another must have when tackling the holiday blues. These happy little flower’s sunny yellow color hints at the plant’s ability to boost a depressed mood. This beautiful herb brings light to many issues of the nervous system and is used by herbalists to help ease anxiety, tension, seasonal affective disorder, and indeed, mild to moderate depression. Beyond emotional support, St. John’s wort is also used to help relieve physical tension and pain. You can use your St. John’s Wort to make a yummy uplifting tea, just add in some local honey!  

As always we stress the importance of making salt therapy a part of your regular routine. Salt has a natural negative charge to it, which counteracts the positive (bad) ions that tend to surround us when we are feeling down. This helps to relax and calm you while you enjoy all the other awesome benefits of salt therapy here at Salt on the Rocks. We hope to see you soon and have a very happy Monday!  

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