Woohoo! Its camping season everybody. The weather is cooling down which makes it ideal for campfires, hiking, and getting your nature on. Fall camping is my favorite because of how beautiful the colors are in the woods; all those red, oranges, and yellows make it hard for even the summer lovers to hate the season change.

With great fun comes great responsibility though, and its important to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the woods throw at you. Today we are going to offer some tips on how to incorporate essential oils into your camping fun and stress the importance of maintaining your respiratory health while enjoying the outdoors. 

What do people hate the most about the outdoors? Bugs duh! Bugs are annoying, biting little fiends and they can easily ruin a fun family outing or weekend camping trip. Lucky for us there are several great essential oils for keeping away the little beasts. 

Any seasoned essential oiler knows never to leave the house without lavender. Lavender is the universal essential oil and has so many uses I could fill a book. If you get a mosquito bite apply some lavender oil and the redness and itchiness will improve greatly in less than 24 hours. Lavender can also come in handy for sunburns, mild scrapes and bruises, and keeping you relaxed and calm for those who have a hard time sleeping under the stars. Just a couple drops on your feet and you’re off to sleep in no time.

Peppermint is another must have in your essential oil collection. Drop some peppermint around your picnic table or tent to help repel ants and other unwelcome guests from invading your space. Peppermint can also be rubbed on your temples or stomach to relieve headaches and stomachaches or added to a water bottle and spritzed onto the body to help cool off.

Mosquitoes are probably the most prevalent and annoying of pests you will come across while camping. Thankfully we have oils like tea tree and citronella to combat the flying pests. They really hate the smell, and both can either be applied topically mixed with some coconut oil or dropped around your campsite. Stop by Salt on the Rocks and check out our diffuser bracelets! They make great accessories and will come in handy keeping bugs away while you enjoy the outdoors. 

Maintaining respiratory health can be difficult getting into the cold months, especially if you are a lover of the outdoors. After a long weekend of camping we recommend visiting the salt room to give your lungs the opportunity to recuperate and clear themselves of any mucus build-up or infection. The outdoors can be harsh for some, especially those with preexisting allergies or sensitive respiratory systems.

Even just one session in our salt room is the equivalent of taking a toothbrush to your lungs; it’s a good way to clean yourself out and start your week refreshed and rejuvenated. Don’t hesitate to bring the whole family!


Our Caribbean room is ideal for a relaxing hang out, or we have a Family room so even the little ones can come get salty.

Visit www.SaltOnTheRocksHuntsville.com to learn more about our salt rooms and upcoming events

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