Alright guys now that school has started, and we are back in the full swing of things, it’s time to talk a little bit about Salt Therapy and how it can benefit your household when it comes down to school, work, and keeping your family happy, healthy, and breathing easy. 

When one person in the family feels bad whether it’s emotionally or physically it generally takes other family members down as well. At Salt on the Rocks we believe in family wellness and created a special room where you can enjoy the full benefits of salt we fondly call the “Family Room.” 

Back to school means back to homework, school activities, and let’s be honest parents it can be just as stressful, if not more so, for you as it is for your kids!

Coming to Salt on the Rocks is a great way to relieve some of that stress because you are isolated in a stress-free, peaceful environment that provides healing on a variety of levels.

The negative charge and high surface energy of dry salt particles empowers them to penetrate airways deeply, bonding with positive ions and calming and relaxing internal muscles as the nervous system rebalances. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of dry salt reduce the body’s toxic load, giving relief to an overworked immune system.

Visiting the Family Room gives families the opportunity to not only spend time with one another, but to relax and enjoy a small escape from everyday life. Come relax and enjoy a nice hot tea while your kids sip juice boxes and dig their toes in the salt. Don’t let infants hold you back either. Salt therapy is great for babies as young as a month old.

In fact, studies show children respond to the therapy quicker than adults do, which makes it an ideal natural way to relieve lung and skin related health concerns.

Don’t think that Salt Therapy is just for the little ones though. Moms and Dads are some of the most hard-working people on the planet. A career is hard enough, but a kid is basically another full-time job! Between being a mom and being a manager, being sick just isn’t an option for hustle and bustle parents, and for some missing work just isn’t an option.

Come do a salt therapy session and get the full benefit of relaxation and restoration as that salt penetrates deep into your skin and respiratory system, clearing out toxins and helping replenish and rejuvenate your immune system.  

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