I have long been a fan of the “old ways”.  I am intrigued by the meaning of symbols and lost languages.  Yes I am a total Da Vinci Code fan and think Dan Brown is here from the past. 

This love of the “old ways” of course led me to brainstorm how we could incorporate these mysterious codes and symbols in our concept of Salt on the Rocks.  

Salt on the Rocks is so much more than a Caribbean escape and salt therapy haven.  Our Remedy Room is as much a blessing and therapeutic as the salt rooms.  We find people really do WANT to know how to use natural alternatives to help themselves to a better wellness status.  My journey with herbs, essential oils, teas, tinctures and all things that our ancestors used on a daily basis, is the reason Salt on the Rocks is here! Salt on the Rocks’ Remedy Room is THE place to begin your own journey.  There is nothing to fear, much to learn and we are here to help you.  

This chart of the Alchemy Symbols is a good place to start really.  I like to think of it as the first periodic table of sorts.  It doesn’t just show the basic elements, it brings in all things celestial too!  We are made of many things including star dust and unicorn feathers… ok not really, just figured I’d throw that in there to see if you’re paying attention…  But seriously we are much more than our physical being.  Our entire existence is developed and created with many influences. God’s Devine Blessing, the star alignments on our birth date, the “temperature” of our personalities or constitutions.  Are you a fire, earth, water kind of person?  Anyway, I am not the expert on these things, but in the thrill of developing our logo, I have learned a lot.

The Alchemy Lab does a great job explaining the history of Alchemy if you want to know more.

So what exactly does our logo mean?  First let me tell you there is NOTHING sinister about it.  It’s a combination of two very simple and basic original Alchemy symbols.  Take a look at our Name sake logo here:

Notice the bottom portion of the “S” has a line through it?  That is the alchemy symbol for SALT.  The triangle to the right with the line through it?  Yep the Alchemy symbol for AIR.  So now I would love to tell you this great celestial prophecy type story of how we finalized all of it or that we had a vision that was mean to be… but truthfully my 13 year old son said, “why don’t you overlay them like this..

and make SALT AIR”.  BRILLIANT!!!!  This is what natural remedies, holistic medicine, southern folk medicine and all things of this sort are about… simplicity!