A new concept in health and wellness has arrived in Huntsville, AL.  Salt on the Rocks brought The Caribbean version of salt therapy (halotherapy) to the Tennessee Valley.

 What is salt therapy (halotherapy)? Salt therapy got its start in the early 1800’s in Eastern Europe.  Salt mines were noted to benefit many with respiratory discomforts. It was discovered that salt is by nature super absorbent, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Thus was born Halotherapy and the use of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride pulverized into micro-sized particles and dispersed throughout the room by a special device called a Halogenerator.

 The fine salt aerosol is inhaled deep into the respiratory system – THIS provides relief from the many discomforts associated with allergies, asthma, sinus and other respiratory related issues. It also has many benefits for skin related challenges like acne or eczema.  Read some of our testimonials.

 Imagine, walking through the doors into the “resort” where you are greeted with options from our Tasting Room that include local craft brews and fine wines.  You meander through the Caribbean Room doors to a breath taking scene of a beautiful Caribbean Sea, complete with “sand” under your feet, a lounge chair and surrounding sounds of the ocean just for you.

Do you need some more personal space?  Do you want expose as much skin as possible?  We have a Salt Room for that.  This small space is the perfect place to escape the fast pace of the outside world, and enjoy the silence. Our Private Salt Room offers the same benefits as our Caribbean immersion room.  We offer deep tissue, prenatal or medical massage in our Private Salt Room.

Salt on the Rocks features The Remedy Room – this is Nature’s Medicine Cabinet for the Beginner – truly a starting point for people beginning their wellness journey. From herbs and oils to tinctures and bath salts, you are sure to find what soothes your aliments.

Stop in our Tasting Room anytime to enjoy a hot tea, a local brew, or an organic soda (The Watermelon Cream is THE BEST).

We have ongoing seminars and classes in essential oils, herbal wellness, yoga and have a beautiful venue to host up to 40 people for your special event. Come breathe in that Caribbean sea salt…Book your experience with Salt on the Rocks Today!  Take a look around here

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