I cannot explain how excited I am to start this venture in Huntsville.  While I am not a native-villian, I have been here a good chunk of my adult life.  Why? I just love it.  The people are true to the philosophy of “southern hospitality”. We smile and greet any and everyone on the sidewalk, we embrace diversity to its fullest and we have the best brew pubs in the SE!  So this is why Huntsville will have their very own Salt Cave!  Salt therapy also known as Halotherapy has been around for a very long time, but as usual with anything natural, it got its start in Europe with salt miners.  You can find a good little tidbit of history in this article by pulmonologist, Daniel T. Layish M.D out of Florida

Salt on the Rocks is not a traditional salt cave.  Most of you probably have no idea what a salt cave even is, much less what a traditional one looks like.  Any good google search will bring you a plethora of styles.  We at Salt on the Rocks want you to feel like you are in the Caribbean, not a cave!  

Come, have a local brew or tasty wine concoction in our Tasting-Room before you head to the Salt Room! And yes, we even have a special Salt Room for children under 13 (must be accompanied by an adult, but you can have a beverage in there too).  You can even enjoy a beverage in the tasting room anytime, not just with a Salt Room experience.  So join us for happy hour too.  

Our Remedy Room is exactly that, full of remedies.  You will find bulk herbs, holistic teas, tinctures, soaps, scrubs and just about anything you could imagine to help you on your journey to supporting your own body naturally! We use local suppliers from right here in the TN Valley to support our own community.  So come out and see the Remedy Room, you may see some items you just can’t live without.   

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And as always, if you have questions, requests or suggestions please email us directly at info@saltontherocks.org

Let’s get SALTY!